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If you need new ice skates, or assistance with your current skates, we offer a wide range of services. A partial list includes skate fitting, sharpening, boot punches or stretching, and blade adjustment.

Skate Sets

Fixed Blades

Initial fitting, blade sharpening, first boot punches (as needed), heat molding (if applicable).

Adjustable Blades

Initial fitting, blade sharpening, heat molding (if applicable), first blade adjustment, first boot punches (as needed), set screws.
If blades are separate, blade mounting is an additional fee.
A general idea of time needed per service
Skate Sharpening15 min.
Blade Adjustment30-60 min.
Boot Fitting/Blade Sharpening/Blade Mounting60-90 min.
Some services may require leaving skates overnight, or even a few days.
For help with current ice skates (beyond what is included in the purchase of new ice skates), there will be a fee for time and materials. This will vary depending on the amount of time, the materials needed, and the work performed.